DEATH ĠN MOWLAWEE‘S VĠEW – Shahbaaz Mohsenee



Shahbaaz Mohsenee 

Death is one of the main obsessions of man and ranks among his most sophisticated mental and spiritual enigmas. It is hard to accept that there will come a day when we will have to abandon all our mundane attachments to set out a journey to an unknown world. In a glance at works of literature, art and philosophy created by the talented and men of thought in all cultures and languages we will find death as one of the fundamental issues dealt with since the shock and fear caused by the thought of it is a common and natural feeling among men. Naturally, everyone has an approach of their own according to their viewpoint . The difference between a believer in resurrection and a denier of it starts from the very point that the former regards death as the beginning of a new stage of life and the latter as the end to everything .

Death Gn Mowlawees Vgew Shahbaaz Mohsenee


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